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The Wolves of Isle Royale National Park

If you’re like me, you’ve probably never seen a wolf in the wild.  And there’s a good reason for that.  Firstly, in you live in the continental USA, then wolves probably don’t live near your house.  Secondly, even if they … Continue reading

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Rafting the Rio Grande

If you’re ever in West Texas–and let’s fact it, doesn’t everyone want to visit West Texas?–I would recommend visiting Big Bend National Park.  It’s one of our country’s larger national parks, and it’s so remote that it receives only a … Continue reading

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Carlsbad Caverns

We had entered the caves several minutes earlier and were now out of view of the daylight that shown in through Carlsbad Caverns’ natural entrance.  Although an elevator runs all the way down to the main chambers, those spectacular formations … Continue reading

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Don’t Step on the Dirt – now available

If you like the historical and geological tidbits in the blog, Don’t Step on the Dirt is a Bill-Bryson style travelogue full of that sort of information, as well as comedic anecdotes and musings from a cross-country road trip taken last … Continue reading

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Camping in Hawaii

Lodging in Hawaii can be expensive.  I’m talking $80 or more for a crappy motel room with  sub-par, or no, air conditioning.  The room itself probably hasn’t been updated since the 1960s–Leave it to Beaver may still be on the … Continue reading

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