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National Parks – Year-End Top-Five List

At the end of the year people like to recap everything that’s happened.  And what better way to do that than with a list.  After all, everyone likes a good list (except perhaps ship captains).  So without further ado, here … Continue reading

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Skunks and Bears in Big Bend National Park

Have you ever encountered a skunk in the wild?  Not a dead one on the side of the road smelling up the neighborhood, but an actual living breathing skunk?  If so, wouldn’t you agree that they’re terribly cute? Skunks are … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Lava – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Our Hawaii trip started with an oceanography conference which my girlfriend attended in Kauai.  At the beginning of the year, neither of us had planned to vacation in Hawaii.  But when the opportunity arose and one of the flights was … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon in the Desert View area – Don’t Step on the Dirt excerpt

A MODIFIED EXCERPT FROM: Don’t Step on the Dirt: A Comedic Travelogue through America’s National Parks, by Ryan Elson (available on, Amazon, for eReaders, and through various other channels). That morning I awoke early and got back on the highway towards … Continue reading

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