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Cotopaxi Volcano – Ecuador

To read the first part of this article about Laguna Quilotoa in Ecuador, click here. The following morning our guide arrived at our lodgings bright and early with his half-full van of tourists whom he had picked up even brighter … Continue reading

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Laguna Quilotoa – Ecuador

Even though Ecuador is slightly smaller than the state of Nevada, you could spend months in the country and still not see everything.  Between the Galapagos Islands, the jungle, cloud forests, beaches, the Andes Mountains, the equator, and lesser known … Continue reading

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Winnemucca Lake – Carson Pass, California

When watching your girlfriend’s father’s dog, it’s critical that you make sure it has a good time.  And since by the time you’re asked to watch his dog he’ll already have made up his mind about the relationship between you … Continue reading

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Elephant Seals of Año Nuevo – California

First things first.  Since Año Nuevo is Spanish, I felt it would be inappropriate to leave off the tilde that’s supposed to live on top of the n in the word Año.  As such, I set about learning how to type … Continue reading

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