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National Parks – Fee-Free Days in 2013

Two years ago when I visited Joshua Tree National Park, I unknowingly showed up during National Park Week, a week during which no entrance fees are collected.  I entered the visitor center, as I always do my first time at … Continue reading

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Let it burn! – Wildfires in Yellowstone and our National Forests

“Only you can prevent forest fires,” was Smokey Bear’s mantra when I was growing up.  And well intentioned though his advice was, it turns out that his guidance isn’t exactly in the best interests of our environment.  To get an … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day in the National Parks

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year.  Today.  So hopefully you’ve purchased the necessary chocolates, done the necessary dishes, and made the necessary dinner arrangements to ensure domestic bliss until you’ll be obligated to repeat the process next year.  Either … Continue reading

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Wintertime Disc Golf

Whether right or wrong, a myriad of different sports have been relegated to a specific time of year, type of weather, and even location.  Sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, for example, usually require snow and possibly mountains.  Surfing requires … Continue reading

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