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Valentine’s Day in the National Parks

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year.  Today.  So hopefully you’ve purchased the necessary chocolates, done the necessary dishes, and made the necessary dinner arrangements to ensure domestic bliss until you’ll be obligated to repeat the process next year.  Either … Continue reading

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Skunks and Bears in Big Bend National Park

Have you ever encountered a skunk in the wild?  Not a dead one on the side of the road smelling up the neighborhood, but an actual living breathing skunk?  If so, wouldn’t you agree that they’re terribly cute? Skunks are … Continue reading

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Rafting the Rio Grande

If you’re ever in West Texas–and let’s fact it, doesn’t everyone want to visit West Texas?–I would recommend visiting Big Bend National Park.  It’s one of our country’s larger national parks, and it’s so remote that it receives only a … Continue reading

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Floating the Guadalupe River

My family lived in the suburbs of Dallas from late 1989 until the spring of 1996.  It was a nice place to live, in spite of the heat and general chaos of a big city.  But it wasn’t somewhere I … Continue reading

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Hueco Tanks Logistics

Hueco Tanks.  World-class bouldering.  Scenic location.  Rock painting splendor.  Pain in the ass. Although Hueco Tanks State Park is one of the premier climbing locations for boulderers, it’s not the easiest place to figure out.  It’s certainly not like Bishop, … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts and Frogs

“We probably caught a hundred thousand frogs this morning.” “Well, that is quite a few,” my father replied.  He looked me and my buddy, Chris, up and down.  “It looks like you’ve taken the lake’s entire stock of mud as … Continue reading

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